Hi, I’m Jennifer.     I support health-conscious women to transform their relationship with food to one that’s easy and confident, empowering them to reach and maintain their healthy body weight whilst enjoying real, nutritious, family-friendly foods.

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Hi, I’m Jennifer.     I support health-conscious women to transform their relationship with food to one that’s easy and confident, empowering them to reach and maintain their healthy body weight whilst enjoying real, nutritious, family-friendly foods.

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Weight Loss

Are you ready to take back your power in your relationship with food and your body because you’ve had enough of ‘dieting’?

You just want to reach and maintain your healthy body weight, as you’re so exhausted from feeling frustrated, deprived, ashamed and guilty because, despite following one diet after another (to the letter!), you haven’t achieved the long term weight loss you’re dreaming of, and not happy about how you look and feel in your clothes.

Instead, you want to say “hello” to living your life with energy and vitality.

You’re more positive and confident about all aspects of who you are while achieving a steady weight loss of 1 – 2lbs a week.

All of this, whilst enjoying the foods you love and feeling more comfortable in your clothes, gradually slipping into your favourites with ease.  So, are you ready…….

Yes, I’m ready to

to reach and maintain my healthy body weight, whilst enjoying the foods I love!

Eating Disorders

If you’re ready to break free from the mental prison of your eating disorder or disordered eating because youve had enough of:

  • That noisy, distracting mind chatter,
  • Those debilitating rituals
  • The crippling food craving
  • The binge, purge, restrict cycle
  • Measuring yourself against others and coming up short

Instead, and above all, you want to live in peace with food and your body where you finally embrace the kind of self-care that enriches your life to feel truly happy and healthy, living your best life, filled with peace, joy, energy and vitality. Sound good?  Are you ready?……

Yes, I’m ready to

 to live my life to the full in peace with food and my body!

What People Are Saying

You’re a miracle worker Jennifer. Thank you for supporting me lose weight in the easiest way ever.

I’ve struggled with being overweight most of my adult life meaning I’ve dieted on and off for decades. Until now it’s been really hard to follow a diet that’s helped me lose weight. That’s because I love crisps and cakes and find it hard to say no to food pushers. Now I’m using tapping I no longer eat crisps, and don’t even miss them. I never thought I’d say that as I used to LOVE them. I eat the odd piece of cake, but that’s part of a much healthier diet that’s filled with delicious foods I’m really enjoying eating; and I’m saving money on my food shop.

I can also easily say ‘No’ to those food pushers who try to sabotage my health goals.

I’m walking further and faster every day which I’m really enjoying. My breathing is much better and the pain in my knee and hip joints and back has significantly reduced. I feel great.

All these changes that I’ve made with your support have been easy.

I’ve lost 3 stone in 9 months and feel blooming marvelous.

Thank you Jennifer

Forever grateful,

Mrs Roberts

Brilliant Advice and support, very friendly and will have a positive impact on me.  Amazed with the results (EFT) and would recommend working with Jennifer.


I was so worried and anxious about giving up my big plate.  However, (after tapping) while I was feeling anxious in week 1, I’m not bothered any more and don’t care if I have a smaller plate and therefore portion – and guess what?  I’m full after eating less!


I know I was really sceptical that EFT would work to help me lose weight but I was glad I gave it a go.  It was easy to learn and has been the key to helping me beat all the cravings that have been my undoing in the past.  Weight loss has never been this easy and feel confident I can eat chocolate and never over indulge ever again.


Can’t believe my daily diet no longer consists of 5 or more chocolate bars!  Never thought I’d see the day where I would turn down chocolate.  Really love working with Jennifer, her support is amazing.


“Completely amazed with the results of the tapping.  Jennifer is a really lovely lady to work with and I highly recommend her.”


I look forward to my appointments with Jennifer and after 3 weeks I have started to stop and consider why I want a particular food, is it an emotional response or do I just fancy it because it’s delicious….sweet cravings reduced but not gone yet.  I’m loving the freedom that has come with no ‘banned’ foods!  I think I will need 12 weeks and would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone that has a struggle with their weight.



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