Snow flakes, cabin fever and the menopause!

How on earth do you manage to connect all of these together Jennifer, I here you ask? Well… on and all will be revealed! It looked like spring was well and truly on its way until the beast from the east arrived on our doorsteps last week.  My little ray of...

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6 P’s For Successful Goal Setting

For many of us we are used to setting goals in our careers that we work towards with, an often steely, determination.  We have goals and aspirations for our children that we work our fingers to the bone to give them the best possible future.  We are patient and...

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The Resolution Revolution

Yes, 2018 is hurtling towards us filled with all those obligatory health and lifestyle rituals many pledge their allegiance to in the early days of January…. Yip, those RESOLUTIONS we’re expected to make to be fitter, thinner, drink less, healthier, stop smoking………...

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Find Time For Health – Not Illness

I was at a meeting last week championing the physical health and wellbeing of people with serious mental illness through their food choices.  Trying to highlight that the types and quantities of food we eat has a huge influence on our physical and mental health. ...

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