Hi, I’m Jennifer!

I support health-conscious women to transform their relationship with food to one that’s easy and confident, empowering them to reach and maintain their healthy body weight whilst enjoying real, nutritious, family-friendly foods.

Hi, I’m Jennifer!

I support health-conscious women to achieve and maintain the healthy body weight and great relationship with food they’ve been seeking; all done with ease while eating real, nutritious food.


My Approach

My biggest professional passion and mission is championing a kinder, non-punitive approach to weight loss and eating disorders 

Supporting women take back their power in their relationship with food and their body.

I count myself as privileged that women allow me to guide them to reach and maintain their healthy body weight and develop a great relationship with food; all done with ease while eating real, nutritious, delicious foods. My approach means:

  • No more starvation
  • No more crippling food cravings
  • No more inner battles, laced with shame and guilt with every mouthful of food
  • No more eating different foods from the rest of the family
  • No more expensive ready meals or ingredients
  • No more eliminated food groups
  • No more diet pills
  • No more fluid only diets
  • No more meal replacement plans
  • No more sabotaging by food pushers

Instead, you’re eating and drinking from a place of enjoyment, creativity and simplicity; not a place of lack and deprivation like so many current dietary trends.

Whatever your weight loss story to date, no matter how many times you’ve lost weight and regained it, my holistic approach can support you to succeed once and for all.

Meeting you where you are but don’t leave you where I find you

Why do I take a different approach?


Simple, I want you to achieve and maintain the healthy body weight and relationship with food you’re looking for, where you enjoy eating real, delicious foods without guilt, shame or fear.

You see, it really distresses me when women tell me about how much time, energy and money they’ve invested in following one diet after another, and still not achieved the long term results they want.

And, sadly they’re all too often filled with guilt and shame; blaming themselves for not having the willpower and staying power to stick with diet after diet.

But you know what, it really isn’t their fault! 

That’s because, for the majority, diets don’t work as weight loss is really complicated.  That’s why, with the eat less and move more approach alone, the majority of people who lose weight regain it all. 

The reasons around being overweight and obese are extremely complex and too long to go into here.  However, you can find out more information about the Foresight Obesity System Map here

Yes it is that complicated!

So I’m pioneering another way forward that offers a much higher success rate, from a place of enjoyment and peace.

There’s a vital, missing piece from the weight loss jigsaw that, when addressed, makes maintaining a healthy body weight much easier……..

It’s clearing out the entrenched, emotional connections with food that started in childhood.

Think about it, in childhood most of us have been unintentionally conditioned to have an emotional connection with food; feel mad, bad, glad or sad we’re offered some food and drink to go along with that to help us feel better. 

Many children are often told that “if you’re a good boy or girl you can have chocolate / sweets”; “You can only get out to play when you clear your plate”; when they fall over and hurt themselves they are given a lollipop or chocolate to feel better; and……..

Sounding familiar?

So these lifelong, conditioned emotional connections to food, that have their roots in childhood, are really difficult to shake off. 

Well that’s unless you adopt a different approach, by learning a simple, yet highly effective tool called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/tapping).  With EFT at your fingertips you’ll reduce and eliminate all of those cravings and emotional drivers around what and how much you eat and drink.

I’ve used EFT myself and with clients, family and friends for many years to beat those food cravings and emotional eating once and for all.  It’s this simple and highly effective technique that gets people the lasting results they want.

EFT can also shift your perspective about how you feel about food.

It’s this shift that will allow you to develop a helpful relationship with food that sets you free of the chains of shame and guilt.

Living the good life, feeling free and undistracted to live the fabulous, fulfilled life you deserve.

Why do I do what I do?



Well, this story starts with a big bang, well a big bump to be exact! 

I trained to be a registered dietitian after my own health scare that came about after a horrific car crash in autumn of 2001.  At 60 MPH someone on the opposite carriageway decided to overtake the car in front of them and forgot to pay attention to oncoming traffic which caused a head-on collision that I thank my lucky stars I survived; yes ouch!!! 

In the months after I was in a lot of pain, couldn’t sleep and on lots of medication as a result of this car crash.  This combination of poor appetite, medication and distress brought about significant weight loss and IBS.

During this time I was lucky enough to have the support of 3 wonderful women (Osteopath, Behavioural Psychotherapist and Health Kinesiologist) who helped me overcome the physical and emotional pain that restored my appetite and returned me to better health and work.

This was the first time in my life I reflected on and considered food as medicine. Boy did that Hippocrates know his stuff back in day when he said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Prior to this car crash I would’ve classed myself as a comfort / emotional eater; like so many, usually turning to cake, biscuits and chocolate in times of anxiety and distress. 

I’m no longer a chocoholic as I’ve a different coping technique that’s much more helpful to my waistline, emotional and physical health.

So back to that big bang! As you might expect after a head on collision at high speed, I experienced PTSD.  To overcome this, I was initially referred for 6 CBT counselling sessions.  Unfortunately that made no difference to the flashbacks, nightmares and difficulty getting into a car.

I count myself extremely lucky that there was a pioneering NHS employed behavioural psychotherapist who had recently introduced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) into her tool kit.  When I began treatment with Therese she quickly got to work using EFT and after only a few session the nightmares and flashbacks stopped. 

This strange, yet simple tool almost miraculously allowed me the emotional freedom to, at last, get some sleep, eat more normally and return to driving. 

It was truly miraculous and life changing.

Since then I’ve used EFT to help me manage and overcome all sorts of stressful and upsetting memories, people and situations.

Including a setting myself free of food cravings that brought about a weight loss of 2½ stones.

So back to helping you form a healthy, confident relationship with food and your body that gets you the results you want……

As a Registered Dietitian specialising in weight management and eating disorders I have the necessary people skills that allows people to feel comfortable enough to tell their story.  

I can increase the motivation of those I support to make dietary and lifestyle changes that brings about change.

The magic ingredient that has allowed my clients to achieve their health goals with ease was the introduction of Gold Standard Emotional Freedom Techniques.

As the world’s only Registered Dietitian who’s also an Advanced Certified Practitioner in Gold standard EFT I have a unique set of skills that gets my clients the long-term results they want.

It’s this combination that can also support you form a healthy, new relationship with food and your body that improves your energy, vitality and long-term health.

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

Start Eating With Confidence Today!