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Sadly, there’s so much misinformation about nutrition circulating on the internet where, people are trying to make money out of false promises that, if you only follow their one simple tip or plan that will answer all of your health and body image hopes and prayers.

Alas there’s no quick fix or silver bullet that will achieve your healthy relationship with food and your healthy body weight.  These fabulously sounding promises may get results in the short term, but for most the results really aren’t sustainable.

But, you know that already.  That’s why you’ve found a Registered Dietitian who will share the nutritional evidence base with you.

No fads, no quick fixes, just reliable information that supports you include the foods you enjoy as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

And yes that can include burgers, chocolate and wine!

To achieve and maintain a healthy body weight we all need to achieve the right balance between calories in vs calories out.  Although it is a little more complicated than that…..

For a healthy, active, fulfilled and happy body and life that’s disease free well into our senior years we need to eat a balanced diet most of the time for most of our lives.

So…….if you’re looking for reliable information about your healthy lifestyle and diet I would recommend that you access your information from the reliable, evidence-based sources below:

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