I support women wave goodbye to the complicated, guilt-ridden and stressful relationship they, all too often, have with food and their body. Instead, forming empowered, healthy relationships with food, their body and themselves to achieve and maintain their goals whilst enjoying real, nutritious, family-friendly foods.  Whether that’s with weight loss or eating disorders / disordered. My holistic service supports a body, mind and spirit approach that combines my expertise as the world’s only Registered Dietitian who’s also an Advanced Certified Practitioner in Gold Standard EFT.

My Philosophy

My approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight and relationship with food is holistic and compassionate in nature that has its roots firmly planted in the evidence base.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight really shouldn’t include extreme measures that involve severe restriction, excluding food groups or favourite foods or exercising to extreme.

My philosophy about achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight is, first and foremost, about self-kindness.  It also requires accurate knowledge and effective tools that achieve a permanent change in lifestyle that are simple and sustainable.

Maintaining a healthy body weight requires insight into the life events and behaviours that have led to the current situation.  Alongside an understanding of the lifestyle that’s conducive to maintaining a healthy body weight.  And a willingness to take ongoing action is also key to long term success.

A new approach to weight loss is required and I’m pioneering the way forward.

Maintaining a healthy body weight can be simple and enjoyable when all of the factors are understood and incorporated into everyday life.

In the words of Einstein “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

My Methods

The foundations of my methods are firmly rooted in compassion, listening and detective work.  There’s always a unique backstory for anyone who has a complicated relationship with food that’s made maintaining a healthy body weight challenging. Its understanding that unique story that helps me help you get the lasting results you want. Once I understand your particular set of circumstances, lifestyle, routines and preferences we get to work, supporting you form a better relationship with food that sets you free to achieve and maintain your healthy body weight. The main tool used in eliminating the challenging relationship you have with your body and food is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  This simple yet powerful tool gently and thoroughly clears out the unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and life events that are the root cause of your current difficulties in maintaining a healthy body weight.  Once you’re free of these limiting beliefs and emotional blocks (we’ve all got or had them!) you’re free to create helpful, positive relationships with your body and food.  This is the turning point that brings about lasting change.  You’ll work with me during sessions on the more challenging aspects you identify, and you’ll be asked to complete home tasks between sessions.  The home tasks are likely to involve pointing EFT at a particular food, craving or body part you’ve a challenging relationship with.  This can involve daily tapping of between 10 – 20 minutes. Of course you’ll be provided with all of the information you need to follow a balanced diet that can include handouts, suggested websites, recipes and general advice; all based on your taste preferences. So in brief, my compassionate methods are holistic, aligning body, mind and spirit for the lasting results you want.

My Goals

My goal for you is a simple one; to help you reach and maintain a healthy body weight by putting an end to the perpetual cycle of dieting.

It’s my goal to support you:

  • Enjoy a light, easy relationship with food where you make the balanced choice with effortless confidence; including the foods you enjoy
  • Wave goodbye to comfort and emotional eating, and those crippling food cravings
  • For weight loss, achieve a steady weight loss of 1 – 2lbs a week, that’s around 1½ – 3½ stones in 6 month
  • Feel more comfortable in your clothes, gradually slipping into your favourites with ease
  • To follow a balanced diet for health and vitality where you enjoy real, nutritious family friendly foods.
  • End your anxiety and negative self-talk about your previous weight loss attempts and body melt away
  • Live your best life with confidence, energy and vitality!

Weight Loss

Are you ready to take back your power in your relationship with food and your body? Have you had enough of ‘dieting’ and feeling frustrated, deprived, ashamed and guilty because despite following one diet after another (to the letter!) you haven’t achieved the long term weight loss you’re dreaming of, and not happy about how you look in your clothes. Instead, you want to say hello to living your life with energy and vitality.  You’re more positive and confident about all aspects of who you are while achieving a steady weight loss of 1 – 2lbs a week.  All of this, whilst enjoying the foods you love and feeling more comfortable in your clothes, gradually slipping into your favourites with ease.  Then…….