How on earth do you manage to connect all of these together Jennifer, I here you ask?

Well… on and all will be revealed!

It looked like spring was well and truly on its way until the beast from the east arrived on our doorsteps last week.  My little ray of sunshine crocuses shining a beacon of light towards the warm days ahead were covered by billions of beautiful snowflakes that pretty much brought large parts of country to a standstill. Many, including me, snowed in at home and other poor souls stranded on roads up and down the country, where the kindness of neighbours, strangers and our fabulous emergency services and armed forces saved the day.

As usual the falling snowflakes brought many around the world to their knees laughing at us for being ‘snowflakes’ because of their perception about our inability to function in such circumstances.  I have to confess that, as a hardy Scot, I’ve been known to enjoy a brief teeheehee when London is brought to a standstill when a couple of centimetres of snow falls.  Of course last week was an entirely different kettle of fish, so no laughing involved this time around, HONEST!

Although I was safe and warm, unlike many other poor souls, with access to all mod cons, phone, laptop, TV and radio that kept me connected to the world, after day 2 of being stuck at home I was driving myself up the wall; yip I had cabin fever.  I kept myself busy getting on with work and connecting with clients and patients over the phone and internet but it was a huge reminder that to function at my best I need face to face people connection and interaction.

The thing I really missed last week was attending my regular exercise classes.  The roads and the carparks just didn’t feel safe enough for me to venture out.

Those of you who know me in person or have seen my picture will be aware that I’m a lady of a certain age, but please, that’s just between you and me!   By Friday I had this uncomfortable and familiar feeling of my temperature starting to rise a little on and off during the day.  ‘What you moaning about Jennifer?’ I hear some of you say, that helped you save a few pennies on the fuel bill.  Alas as many of you reading this will know it’s not a pleasant kind of heat and I’m sooooooo glad when it passes.

The flushes increased further in frequency and intensity by Saturday and from then onwards the night sweats were horrendous, where I was awake every couple of hours, soaking wet around my neck and shoulders.  By Sunday the heavy cloud of exhaustion and stabbing headache arrived that meant Sunday was written off, asleep on the sofa for most of the day. Arrrrrrgh, it was so frustrating as I could’ve avoided this discomfort entirely.

This was another reminder of how important regular physical activity is for me in eliminating hot flushes.  When I attend my 4 group exercise classes and 2 Pilates classes every week I never have any of these symptoms and sleep like a log.  On most days I wake up feeling refreshed and energised ready for the lessons and journey life school has in store for me that day.

In hindsight I should’ve played my favourite dance tunes and danced around the dining room like no one was watching and popped my wellies on to ventured out to the shed to dig out my hulahoop and give it a few spins.  I know that if I’d done at least these 2 things over the few days I was house bound those bloomin’ flushes wouldn’t have reared their ugly head making me experience those few horrid days.

Thankfully there’s now been heavy rain which has washed all of the snow away so I get back to my favourite class, Clubbercise, where I get to dance in the dark in the company of fabulous women in a deluded stated, pretending I’m still 23 instead of nearly 53!

If you find yourself in similar situation I would strongly encourage you to find some physical activity you enjoy; start slowly within your capabilities and build it from there.  Walking, dancing around your dining room and gardening are all free of charge!!!  If you’re under the care of your GP then it would be a good idea to check with them what’s safe for you to do, they may even have a subsidised referral programme that can support you to access local facilities.

Using the words of Tesco, Nike and L’Oréal to encourage you……‘Every little helps’ so ‘just do it’ because ‘you’re worth it’!!!!

If you think this article may be useful to someone else please do feel free to share it with them.  And maybe come over and join the conversation in The Steps To Health Facebook Group, you’ll be most welcome.

I do hope that this has been useful for you.  Do you recognise any of the symptoms I’ve described.  Please do share in the comments below. I always love to hear from you.

Here’s to your nourishment; body, mind and spirit

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